How Does Penis Enlargement Work?

As simple as the problem of having a penis of a size that you aren't happy with is, you need to know that the solution is far more complex. The fact is, this is an issue that men have faced for thousands of years. Long before there were chemical formulations made by drug companies - many of which have a range of side effects no one wants to deal with - there were people working on these problems.

There have always been those who were either unsatisfied or just plain dysfunctional sexually. This is why we have a historical record of many solutions from many cultures around the world to help with an inadequate penis.

Even the ancient cultures valued having a large penis that would be capable of performing the sexual role men fulfill for women. On top of that, a larger package also related to helping them build big families during times when more people meant a higher rate of survival for a tribe or culture.

This is why there are so many well known herbs that are used today to help men achieve a bigger penis with better functionality. These herbs and the knowledge of how to use them has been passed down for generations. Today's modern penis enlargement experts put solid science together with traditional herbs to help identify which of the ingredients in their pills or other products are going to bring about the best results.

Yet, as we mentioned, the penis is a complicated part of the body - just as complex as the vagina it was meant to fit inside.

There are many different factors that go into achieving a larger penis, from taking care of blood flow issues that help to build a fuller, harder erection that lasts all throughout the sexual experience to herbs that encourage the growth of the penis itself. Some herbs also address testosterone levels which can trigger better function for men when they are with their lovers.

The best pill formulations, exercises and other products are designed to make use of what Nature has provided to address the issues that continue to plague modern man. By addressing the health of a man's body and improving the size of his erections, the length and fullness of his penis and the amount of time he can stay hard, modern penis enlargement techniques create the key to feeling better about our penises: confidence that we CAN satisfy a woman in bed.

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