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Luxury LED Thermostatic Bathroom Shower mixer Wall Mounted Bath Shower Faucet Ceiling Rainfall SPA Mist Bubble Shower Concealed

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US $764.00

Product Description

Welcome to our store:

It’s a relaxing massage.

It’s a clean body ritual too.

It’s a long-awaited leisure and rest, and it’s in a rain showers under tropical vacation.

Brass shower set 6 functions thermostatic mixer 600×600 LED embedded ceiling Shower head rainfall ,mist shower, bubble shower HF5339

Detail description of HF5339:

1. Including shower head

1) Material : SUS304 , and mirror finished.

2) Size : 600x600mm

3) Functions : rainfall, mist, bubble.

4) With LED

5)Installation style : embedded ceiling

2. Including shower panel with concealed box

1) Material : SUS304 , panel is chrome finished. concealed box is made of plastic.

2) Size : 285x125mm

3) Installation style : concealed wall

3. Including mixer valve

1) Material : body of mixer valve is made of brass

2) Cartridge : thermostatic SEDAL

3) Functions : 6 functions outlet ways

4. Including hand shower

1) Hand shower , it’s made of plastic, chrome finished.

2) PVC shower hose

3) Brass holder of handshower.

The characteristic as following :

Concealed thermostatic mixer,High quality,brass material,6 functions,with embedded box,

1) First iit's shower set 6 functions thermostatic mixer, to protect you won't been scalded by hot water. 
2)  You won't damage your wall of bathroom when you need repair your shower set, just only take out the shower plate to repair. 
3) To save much more space using concealed box, because main fittings have been assembled in box.
Remind:Because battery is a pollution product, it can't be sent by express shipping,so we didn't send a pair of AAA7# battery, you need buy them at your side.So we specially remark on INSTRUCTION : Before using, please buy a pair of AAA7# battery then put into the controller.  

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  • We ship according to the address on aliexpress.
  • Mail transit time is best estimated, but not guaranteed. As transit time varies.
  • Buyer is responsible for return shipment.

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  • Shipping damage has to be reported within 5 working days of which the product was delivered.
  • If you have any questions, please be free to contact with us,we will answer your questions ASAP.
  • We will answer your question via order information on aliexpress or email if you gave us, please check our answers from there.


  • We describe items as well as we can. If we have missed something, please let’s know.
  • Please e-mail me before leaving feedback if you are unhappy with your item, so we can work it out

To international buyers:

  • Import duties,taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.
  • Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.
  • Dimensions of actual product may be slightly different from our description due to use of different measurement tools.
  • Notice for Customer from Russia:Please make sure you provide us with your FULL NAME when place order, otherwise your parcle cannot be delivered.
  • Notice for Customer from Brazi: Please provide us with your CPF NUMBER when place order.

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Different items have their own processing time, which is what we cannot control. But what we can do is try the best to let you receive your items as soon as possible.

The following cases should be taken into consideration regarding shipping times:
  • Weight and dimensions of a package
  • Place of Dispatch
  • Destination
  • Freight
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