Organic MORINGA OLEIFERA Seeds Asthma Cancer Diabetes Arthritis headache Natural Herbal SeedsOrganic MORINGA OLEIFERA Seeds Asthma Cancer Diabetes Arthritis headache Natural Herbal Seeds

Organic MORINGA OLEIFERA Seeds Asthma Cancer Diabetes Arthritis headache Natural Herbal Seeds

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This Auction Is For moringa oleifera seeds Nutritional content (story from wikipedia) The leaves are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals.One hundred grams of fresh Moringa leaves have: 2 times the protein of 100 g yogurt (Moringa 8.3 g, yogurt 3.8 g); 4 times the calcium of 100 g milk (Moringa 434 mg, whole cow milk 120 mg); the same potassium as 100 g banana (Moringa 404 mg, banana 376 mg); the same vitamin A as 100 gm carrot (Moringa 738 g, carrot 713 g); 3 times the vitamin C of 100 g orange (Moringa 164 mg, orange 46.9 mg. Feeding the high protein leaves to cattle has been shown to increase weight gain by up to 32% and milk production by 43 to 65%.The seeds contain 30 to 40% oil that is high in oleic acid, while degreased meal is 61% protein.The defatted meal is a flocculant and can be used in water purification to settle out sediments and undesirable organisms. Benefits of Moringa – Moringa helps to moisturize the skin soft, not rough. – Contains antioxidants help to slow down aging. (Oil). – Helps strengthen the body\’s immune system. – Helps treat malnutrition in children from birth to age 10 years. – Moringa weight loss reduce fat and cholesterol in the body (sheath). – Improves blood circulation in the body. – Helps treat anemia. – Horseradish pressure treatment hypertension (leaves, pods). – The treatment of heart disease (the root). – Horseradish sugar cure diabetes. By maintaining a balance of blood sugar levels. – The treatment of asthma (Asthma). – Helps treat allergies. – Helps strengthen immunity, lower among AIDS patients. – Use as a body tonic (I). – Nourish Fire (the root). – Cumtatu light. (Bark of the trunk). – The wind paralysis. (Bark of the trunk). – The driver tears (flowers). – The health and treatment of the eyes. – Will cure almost any disease and eye disease, eye for an eye so dim. – Properties horseradish diseases related to the respiratory system. Sinus inflammatory disease. – Use Moringa oil head massage. Sterilized tea on the scalp. Reduce the itchy scalp hair loss (Moringa). – Helps relieve headaches. (Leaves, moringa oil). – The fever and detoxify fever (leaves, shoots, pods, seeds). – Use Akghawlm cure. Change or fever season (flowering). – Helps relieve cold symptoms and treatment (relax). – Helps relieve chronic cough for the better (relax). – Helps relieve and reduce acne on the face. (Oil). – Reduces dark spots from the sun. (Oil). – The treatment of scurvy (a). – Helps relieve toothache (rubber). – Helps relieve ear pain (Earache) . – Moringa protected and is used to kill parasites in ear headphones. Treatment of otitis. Ear mucosal inflammation. – Diseases are toxic goitre. – Helps treat mouth ulcers or lesions of canker sore – The bark of the trunk to chew eat to help digestion. (Bark of the trunk). – Helps expel intestinal. Make motions or belch. (Bark of the trunk). – Helps contraception. (Bark of the trunk). – Nourish and maintain healthy lungs. And treatment of pneumonia. – Seed Moringa seeds per day, one before bed helps the body in the morning is a regular and consistent basis. (When driving normally, you should stop eating). – The treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. Diarrhea, constipation. – Helps maintain intestinal parasites and drive (relax). – Helps to urinate (leaves, flowers). – Helps relieve inflammation (leaves). – Helps treat arthritis (Rheumatism) (root). – Helps treat gout. – Inflammatory bone diseases. – Rheumatic diseases interludes. – Nourish liver and kidney disease. – Moringa oil used to massage to relieve aching muscles. Pain on the waist and legs. – Moringa oil used to massage the muscles to tighten. – The pain of (seed). – Cure swelling (roots, seeds). – Reduces skin rashes. And losing the baby diapers. (Oil). – Helps heal wounds. Little fresh wounds. (Leaves, moringa oil). – Helps neutralize and reduce the pain and swelling from insect bites. (Oil). – Use as antibiotics. – Helps kill bacteria (leaves, flowers). – The skin fungus treatment fingernails foot head. (Oil). – Moringa apply warts corn. – Helps treat herpes zoster. – Helps kill microbes antimicrobial. – Helped kill the typhoid (rubber). – Helps treat syphilis (syphilis) disease sexually transmitted disease (a tire). – Eating Moringa during pregnancy. It reduces the chances of HIV infection of the infant. – Moringa pods used as a drumstick as well. Especially in the India. – Leaves can be eaten fresh. The dried leaves used to make powder. – Seeds sometimes bring out the roasted beans. – Moringa seeds on the ground can be used to make water filtration, sedimentation and disinfection in water. The water is relatively clean and has a sweet taste. – The oil squeezed from fresh seed. Used as fuel for cooking. – Moringa oil used to cook the same kind of olive oil. But better than that, no rancidity later. – Moringa oil used as lubricants in the house. And prevents rust. – Moringa benefits moringa to be used in food to be eaten as a vegetable curry soup Lao curry curry salad saving the flower pod horseradish horseradish sauce served with a soft boiled leaves boiled and eaten with a little spicy sauce. – Processed into. “Moringa Capsules” for an alternative to those who do not like to eat vegetables. But I have the benefit of the herbs. – The Moringa oil extraction. Which have multiple benefits. ***Reference: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, Institute of Health How to plant Moringa. 1) Preparation of soil and seeds. The Moringa plant is dependent on soil preparation, which is an important basis. Soil suitable for cultivation should look into land or land that is incoherent at pH 5.5 to 8.0 should not receive direct sunlight or clay soils with flooding. Prepare the soil by plowing two feet deep, and the grass manure and bio-enzymes to restore the soil and plant disease resistance should sow plow 2 times to eliminate and reduce the amount of weeds before planting. To make the horseradish get their nutrients from the soil. The dredging should be held away from the trench about 10 cm deep and 50 cm dung ash landfills with leaves and soil. To increase productivity. 2) cultivation. Planted with seed that should be planted in a very fast and they want to grow and do not migrate. Use the 1-2 seeds in the seed drops down to about 3 cm deep holes to bury about 1 inch apart on each hole. Each hole spacing of approximately 2.5 m soil moist, watering One is enough to keep the surface dry. Excessive watering will cause root rot death. Seeds will germinate 5-7 days after sowing. **Moringa age 3 months to keep the pruning to harvest. **Moringa age 6. Month harvest.

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